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This site uses Google Analytics to track which pages are popular and where people come from in order to find this site.

This information is very useful, particularly when it comes to seeing where some of my readers have come from and where they’re located (Hi, visitors from the BBC and the Department of Health) and I’d very much like to have as much of it as possible, but if you really want to opt out then you can do so via Google.

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This site contains links and buttons which enable you to share all this wonderful content via the social networks of your choice. Some of these features use cookies. You can control or opt out of these by using the privacy settings on those networks. Unless it’s Facebook, in which case you’re probably stuffed. But you can always opt out of joining a social network. As if.

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More Information

You can read more about cookies in general at All About Cookies and Your Online Choices.

You may also want to read my article (on my other blog) on why cookies are a good thing.