About me


Mark Goodge, Evesham Town Councillor for Bengeworth and Wychavon District Councillor for Badsey.

I was first elected to Evesham Town Council in May 2011, and re-elected in May 2015.

I was first elected to Wychavon District Council in May 2015.

In both cases, I stood for election as a representative of the Conservative Party. Both Wychavon District Council and Evesham Town Council have a Conservative majority.

Committee memberships

At Wychavon District Council, I sit on the following committees:

I also attend the Planning Committee when there is a significant application to be determined within my ward. As I am not a member of the committee I do not have a vote on planning matters, but I am able to speak on behalf of the ward and raise issues on behalf of local residents.

At Evesham Town Council, I sit on the following committees:

Get in touch

I have a full time job in addition to my duties as a councillor, so the most reliable way to get in touch with me is usually via email. You can contact me on either of these addresses:

mark.goodge@wychavon.net – for Wychavon District Council related matters

councillor@markgoodge.com – for Evesham Town Council matters

It isn’t essential that you use the right email address, but it is helpful as it ensures messages get filed in the right place when they arrive!

If you’d prefer to telephone, my home number is 01386 443522. If you do want to phone, early to mid evening is usually the best time to catch me at home. But many council meetings take place in the evenings, so you may need to leave a message.

As a courtesy to my employer I am not normally available to take or make telephone calls from or to constituents during working hours.

If you need to send me a letter, my address is:

12 Mansion Gardens
WR11 1BX

You can also contact me, and your other local representatives, online at WriteToThem.com

You can also find me online in various other places: